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“Danielle got into the AEP programme at the MOE AEP centre. Thank you all for all the help! She had used the acrylic painting done at your art studio as her presentation piece. But we gave it the title “A Warm Autumn Night” The other works she had included were her watercolour and charcoal Wonder Woman and her Star Wars sketches demonstrating her learning journey. They asked her about Impressionism, then went on to ask what other art movements she new. Apparently, she enjoyed the interview! Thanks so much!

– Johnathan, parent of Danielle Tan, aged 13




“Kaelyn has been attending classes at My Art Studio for more than 3 years now. Aside from the various techniques picked up, it has been most heartening to see how she has grown in her appreciation and interest in art. At home she is always sketching or drawing something and the only problem I have is finding space to keep all the artwork and sketchbooks, but that is a good problem to have.”
– Jack Tan, parent of Kaelyn Tan, aged 7




“Aimee started with My Art Studio in Kindergarten 2. Since then, we have not looked back. She looks forward to her art lesson every week and the teachers have a good rapport with her. She uses different art media and learn art techniques from My Art Studio, which she tries to deploy and apply in her own art pieces at home and in school. Overall, an enriching and holistic experience with art.”
– Yap Siew Yiin, parent of Aimee, aged 9




“My daughter has been a student at My Art Studio for two years. Zara loves going to My Art Studio because it is her special place to relax and create art in a comfortable atmosphere. The teachers are talented and exceptional. My daughter appreciates the fact that they teach and engage in interesting topics without restricting her creative ideas, and the fact that they let her work at her own pace.

My Art Studio is a wonderful place to explore new forms of art. Zara started out with acrylic paint, moved into painting with oils, Batik Tjanting, charcoals, lithographs and has even created 3D
installation projects. She has learned an amazing amount about how to create art and to fully
express herself through visual arts. My Art Studio will be a special part of Zara’s artistic
development for many years to come.”
– Lynn Tang, parent of Zara, aged 12




“Shriya literally jumps for joy every Tuesday, when she gets to attend her art lesson at My Art Studio. She likes learning about the creative process, especially through the stories and videos that
introduces her to different styles and artists. My Art Studio has the perfect programmes
and instructions to expose kids to the joys of art. Thank you, My Art Studio.”
– Janashagaran Lata, parent of Shriya Natarajan, aged 5




“Nathanael enjoys his lessons very much. Since he started at about 3 years old, he has grown
creatively, expressing his thoughts and ideas through art, and developing fine motor skills in the
process. He gets a good mixture of drawing, painting and craft work. His lessons are interesting
and always different. The teachers are also patient and dedicated to helping him learn.”
– Yvonne Chen, parent of Nathanael Lek, aged 5




“Both Daniel and Hannah have been attending the art programme for some time and I can see
they really enjoy their lessons. I like how their lessons have a different theme each week,
enhancing their general knowledge.”
– Sharon Sim, parent of Daniel Sim, aged 5, and Hannah Sim, aged 3




“Noah and Leah enjoy their time at My Art Studio very much. The teachers are very friendly, patient and understanding, while the programme is fun and creative. We also like the centre’s cosy
environment and location. Thank you for giving my children a wonderful artistic experience.”
– Angeline Heng, parent of Noah Yang, aged 5, and Leah Yang, aged 4




“Fun, educational, a great learning experience! Brings out the creativity in Joshua.
Homely, cosy environment!”
– Hwee Lee, parent of Joshua Michael Goutama, aged 5




“The cosy atmosphere and friendly teachers allow the kids to enjoy art in a relaxed manner.
It’s good to see that they understand their artworks and are proud of them.”
– Elaine Low, parent of Thurston Chua, aged 6, and Erin Chua, aged 4 


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