Accreditations - Our Assurance to You!


As a way to assure loving parents on the quality of our environment, we are now one of the few private art schools that are MOE-Registered.

" ... To be registered, private schools need to meet basic statutory requirements, such as building and fire safety requirements, and have an acceptable curriculum and qualified teachers..."

For further enquiries with MOE, please call +65 6879 7546.


Our passion in various mediums in both 2D and 3D arts and crafts are taught in both neighbourhood and SAP schools locally. We are very familiar with the Arts syllabus offered in the primary schools and are constantly exploring and creating new programmes to challenge the students.



Child: Shriya Natarajan, Age 5
Parent: Janashagaran Lata

Shriya literally jumps for joy every Tuesday as she can then attend her art class at MyArtStudio. She likes the creative process especially the stories and videos they watch as part of the introduction to different styles and artists. MyArtStudio has the perfect program and instructions to expose kids to the joys of learning creative art. Thank you MyArtStudio. – Dec 2012

Child: Nathanael Lek, Age 5
Parent: Yvonne Chen

Nathanael enjoys his lessons here very much. Since he started at around 3 years old, he has grown and developed in his creativity, expressing his thoughts and ideas through art as well as his fine motor skills. He gets a good mixture of drawing, painting and craft work. Lessons are interesting and always different. Teachers are also patient and dedicated in helping him learn. – Dec 2012

Children: Daniel Sim, Age 5 & Hannah Sim, Age 3
Parent: Sharon Sim

Both Daniel and Hannah have been attending the art programme for some time and I can see they really enjoy their lessons. I like how there is a different theme each week and they get to enhance their general knowledge in addition to art and craft lessons. – Dec 2012

Children: Noah Yang, Age 5 & Leah Yang, Age 4
Parent: Angeline Heng

Noah and Leah enjoy their time at MyArtStudio very much. The teachers are very friendly, patient and understanding and the programme is fun and creative. We also like the cosy environment and the location of the centre. Thank you for giving my children a wonderful artistic experience. – Dec 2012

Children: Thurston Chua, Age 6 & Erin Chua, Age 4
Parent: Elaine Low

The cosy atmosphere and friendly teachers allow the kids to enjoy art in a relaxed manner. Good to see that they know what work they are doing and proud of their final work. – Dec 2012