About Us

About Us

Who we are…

Art is a joyful journey that should begin from young and continue throughout our lives. It is this desire to nurture the young that brings us
- a group of PASSIONATE ARTrepreneurs – together to establish My Art Studio. We strive to push the boundaries of innovation and creative expressions focussing on the LEARNING PROCESS and not just the product outcome.


Our Vision

My Art Studio believes in offering a WHOLE-BRAIN EXPERIENTIAL art programme for the young in the region, focussing on the CREATIVE process using REPUTABLE materials in a POSITIVE culture. All these go towards encouraging the young’s learning ability and building the CONFIDENCE of an EXPRESSIVE individual with sensitivity towards SOCIAL and SELF AWARENESS through art.

We believe in keeping class sizes small to ensure that every child attains his or her highest artistic potential.

The Art Evangelists

My Art Studio was founded by ARTrepreneurs, Mr & Mrs William Lee, to offer quality art lessons and art materials in a cozy studio environment. They have developed THE LEARNING PALETTE which focuses on the concept of “Learning through Creativity”.

Joining them is a team of dedicated art teachers who are qualified professionals in art and design. Some of them are practising artists and educators.

The opening of the studio was officiated by the Managing Director of Faber-Castell Singapore.